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27 Sep

“I remember this guy from a dinner party in Orinda , a long time ago.His name stood out because he used his whole name, and he was the only Black guy at this party with a bunch of trust fund kids. Also, he was invited by his client who was one of the horn players of the seventies mega group “Chicago”. I remember that he spent most of the evening talking with a couple of the girls about art, because they were both into collecting. He had just run his car off the road, driving too aggressively in the Orinda hills, and had left the car and walked over to the party. I am sure his biography will be an interesting story”

Email from Fred G.

“I met William Edward Summers  around 1980, he had just designed a house on a 2000 acre ranch in the middle of Napa Valley for a rich German guy. He had this German client who was some mysterious guy, over in Belvedere, in an oceanfront mansion. Must be nice.”

Email from Sarah L.

“William Edward Summers designed our renovation in Danville, California, five years ago. He seemed to be doing lots of projects in Danville. We met him when he designed the renovation for our neighbor, and we referred some friends to him,but he was too busy, and out of the country”.

Email from Susan

William Edward Summers did some work for a friend of mine who is a member of one of the big four families of San Francisco. They spent at least a year working on her project. It was for a house on several acres in the Berkeley Hills, at least twenty five years ago. They got along great, and she invited him to take a trip to San Simeon with her, I don’t know if they went or not , or what happened. He has an interesting background, that includes a childhood partially spent in Europe, a genius mother, and is African American. I have heard that some people are on a slander campaign against him…. I will try to send you a photo of the house, and find out some more info

Anon. from Craigslist, San Francisco


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