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19 Nov


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Alamo, California House, By William Edward Summers

11 Nov

This house in Alamo, California was designed by William Edward Summers around 1980. The original design featured two open beam cupolas with redwood beams, and hemlock decking. It was the first house on this hillside, with sweeping valley views of beautiful, sunny, Contra Costa County

Alamo, California  House by William Edward Summers

House With Two Turrets, Alamo, California, By William Edward Summers


Blackhawk Road House, Danville, California, By William Edward Summers

7 Nov

Architect William Edward Summers completed this unique, cubist Tudor, designed with an indoor lap pool, accessed by ladder from the master bedroom. It was one of the first houses built in this neighbourhood.

Blackhawk Road House by William Edward Summers

Blackhawk Road House by William Edward Summers, Architect

Joffre Street Renovation by William Edward Summers

1 Nov

The Joffre Street house,in the Vancouver, BC area, was a total renovation by William Edward Summers, that added a second story to the house and completely transformed the exterior. The renovation was featured in the Vancouver Sun, and several other newspapers.

Vancouver Sun Article about the Joffre Street House

Joffre Street Renovation, by William Edward Summers